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Our Mission

Alabi Community Consulting brings your organization, institution, or agency closer to a phenomenal experience by expanding your performance capacity and helping bring community, educational, and family visions and goals to life. We can help you build or optimize a superior equity-minded infrastructure,  find a sustainable path to community partnership growth, and achieve service  leadership while maintaining a high performance organization.

We come in compliance-minded and ready to work with your leadership team. When we finalize a project, we are confident that our clients and partners are satisfied and better-positioned for growth and success. We have completed many community and educational projects that deal with the largest challenges and opportunities presented in our ever-changing society that is in deep need of the very social change that your organizations provide.

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Your Guide on the Path to Success

Alabi Community Consulting offers a comprehensive education and consulting platform that can be integrated and implemented immediately. We specialize in applied education and sociological problem solving for community, business, education, and service organizations in Orange, Los Angeles, and surrounding communities.  Our consultants are ready to guide your leadership team into a new level of excellence.

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About Us

Alabi Community Consulting offers a range of services from concept to implementation.  You can bring our consultants in at the the beginning of your project to help in the strategic planning process or to help springboard ideas for enlarging your research team's best ideas.  However, Alabi Community Consultants never shy away from coming into the middle of a project when an organization finds itself understaffed, overwhelmed, or just plain out of ideas about how to move forward in order to reach its goals.  

Our services are intended to uplift historically marginalized communities including minorities, disabled, foster youth, abused women and children, homeless familes, formerly incarcerated persons, poor and disenfranchised families, formerly trafficked persons and other communities who need these opportunities most. We have more than 35 combined years of experience that informs our in-depth training and expertise.

We created a consulting firm that focuses on problem-solving strategies and capacity building crafted uniquely for each organization we work with.  Our solutions cater to organizations that work with communities who do not always have access to the necessary resources, which means that we often have to come up with solutions right on or under budget--and we ALWAYS do! Give us a call to learn more.

Dr. Jessica Ayo Alabi, Sociologist
Educational & Community Consultant


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