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Our Services

We build our consulting projects, trainings, workshops, presentations, and assessments around the specific needs of each individual or organization that we work with using one or more of our collective areas of expertise.

Family Support Services

Introductory and Framework Building
Curricular/Pedagogical Development
Organizational Transformation
Individual Awareness
Staff Leadership Development
Student Leadership Development
Facilitation Training  
Training the Trainers
Community and Diversity Assessment    
Community Partnership Development
Cultural Compentecy Training
Cross-Cultural Center Planning
Program Development for Special Populations

Family Support Services

We offer a range of family support services including transitional divorce support for youth, educational support for foster youth, intimate partner violence support, anger and violence resolution for victims and offenders, conflict resolution, family reunification support for formerly incarcerated family members, runaways, and victims of trafficking, homeless referals, hunger referals, and other emergency family circumstances.

Our Consulting Philosophy

Most institutions have a sense of their climate, but we help them understand and assess their culture in order to uncover both practical changes and changes in the "consciousness" needed in support of diversity, equity, and institutional success. We recognize that every organization has different needs and will have different solutions. We don't just show up to start the tough discussions and leave. Our consultants inspire deep dialogue, but also equip your team with tools to continue building and growing in line with the mission of your institution while implementing a cultural shift in the organization. Your team will be self-reliant and innovative.

A Trusted Partner in Professional Training

Integrative Policies, Standards & Procedures

Time Management,Team-building and Group Dynamics

Title VII and Diversity Training

Anti-bias Education and Cultural Competency in Leadership Training

VAWA Training (Violence Against Women Act)

Title IX Compliance and Sexual Harassment Training

Equity Training and Participatory Leadership Training

Inter-cultural Communication and Cultural Sensitivity

Community Engagement and Social Responsibility

Community Resources

We are pleased to offer a range of community resources including retreats, conferences, symposiums, workshops, trainings, panels, forums, round-table discussions and think tanks. We provide job training, resume building, , life skills development, mentoring, program development, curriculum development, program evaluation and more. We also offer cultural exchanges, study abroad, and art-poetry-spoken word-music-writing workshops for recovery, healing, retreats, life-long learning, concept focusing, and transition.  Transition and growth retreat support is a component that is popular with those who come to us. This includes music and movement meditation training and cultural appreciation labs.